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Throughout my broadcasting  career I’ve worked with some of the best voices in the business.  Their skills and experience have helped me to hone and polish my craft over the years and I can share that professional and creative insight with clients keen to improve their own voice skills.

I regularly provide voice training for broadcast journalists and individuals with customer-fronting roles.  With my guidance I can help you to grow your potential as a voice over artist or public speaker.

If you’re interested in voice coaching but would rather not leave your office or home then why not consider online sessions.  The high sound and image quality of modern phones, computers and tablets make Zoom a very popular and convenient option for groups and individuals.   

"Kim is an excellent voice coach with decades of on-air experience.  She has helped so many BBC journalists find their voice at the microphone - guiding them through the stresses, the pops and the sibilants with great advice and encouragement.  Always generous with her time and enthusiastic to share her expertise, Kim was always there when I needed her!"

Anna Caulton, former Assistant Editor, BBC News

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